Free Webinar: Undertanding services:
It’s more (and less) than you think!

Every organization delivers service to its customers, whether in the private sector, the public sector or somewhere in between.

But what is a service? What is a customer? How do you define them, how do you evaluate them, and how do you know services are being delivered effectively?

Adopting a formal and disciplined approach to defining and managing services is a critical step in improving service delivery. Formal definition of services can significantly enhance your ability to understand, measure and identify opportunities for improvement.

This presentation explores how to effectively assess and evaluate services. In particular, it introduces the Municipal Reference Model as a “made in Canada” framework that has become the de facto standard for defining and evaluating public sector services in local government.

What attendees said

“Great to see the perspective on Services. This provided very good insight for me.”

“I have some co-workers I’m going to be sharing my notes with tomorrow.”

“One of the better ones in recent times! Great stuff!”

“Super interesting presentation. I appreciate the different perspective on services as an output.”

“Very informative on a subject I thought I knew!”

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