Free Webinar: How to Be Better at Everything You Do

Every organization delivers service to its customers, whether in the private sector, the public sector or somewhere in between.  And every organization wants to deliver service effectively, productively and with a social impact.

But what is a service? What is a customer? How do you define them, how do you evaluate them, and how do you know services are being delivered effectively?

Applying a disciplined approach to defining and managing services is a critical step in improving service delivery. It can significantly enhance your ability to understand, measure and identify opportunities for improvement. Often this practice is used to find ways to save money, but it can also help you mitigate climate change, pursue equity and develop anti-racism practices for your organization in everything you do.

This presentation explores how to effectively understand, assess and evaluate services. In particular, it introduces the Municipal Reference Model as a “made in Canada” framework that has become the de facto standard for defining and evaluating public sector services in local government.

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